Australian Sevens to wear First Nations & Gold Jersey In 2021-22 World Series

Mon, Nov 8, 2021, 9:25 PM
Harrison Wakeling
by Harrison Wakeling
The Australian Sevens sides have confirmed new jerseys for the World Series. Photo: Rugby Australia/ Harrison Wakeling
The Australian Sevens sides have confirmed new jerseys for the World Series. Photo: Rugby Australia/ Harrison Wakeling

The Australian Men’s and Women’s Sevens have confirmed they will join the Wallabies and Buildcorp Wallaroos in wearing gold for their upcoming internationals.

The ASICS jersey will take the iconic gold colour, which is currently being worn by the Wallabies and inspired by the strip worn by the 1991 Rugby World Cup-winning side. The new jersey, designed and manufactured in Australia, boasts the original gold fabric, while the ASICS spiral logo will sit proudly alongside the Australian Sevens logo and coat of arms.

Additionally, both the Men’s and Women’s sides will don their own unique First Nations alternate jerseys, making them the first team to do so on the Sevens World Series.

Kinta Korien is the design that will feature on the Men’s jersey and is inspired by the traditional First Nations practice of body painting, while the ‘value of sisterhood’ will feature on the Australian Women’s playing strip.

Designed by Gomeroi man Tyler Smith, ‘Kinta Korien’ translates to ‘no fear’ in the Awabakal language and is the inspiration for the jersey. As the players wear the artwork, it will give them an added sense of identity and knowing that they have the entire country wrapped around them when they run out

Embossed on every jersey panel, the design will protect the players on their journey around the world and remind them they should have no fear when the game kicks off, and the battle begins.

Similarly, First Nations artist Elle Binge Harrison designed the ‘value of sisterhood’, which will feature on the Women’s jersey. The artwork depicts the strong and powerful connection of family ties, which will drive the Women’s campaign in 2022.

Based on the story of the Seven Sisters, the design reflects the empowerment of women, showing the value of love and the bond between sisters, the connection to the land and through First Nations identity and culture.

The Women's jersey (left) alongside the mens (right) | Photo Rugby AU Media

The First Nations jerseys will be on debut in Dubai when Australia kicks off their World Series campaign, with the jerseys set to be worn as the alternate strip. 

Australian Sevens fans will be able to support their teams as they return to the World Series, with all three versions of the Australian Sevens jersey available for purchase when it enters retail in 2022.

ASICS Oceania Managing Director, Mark Brunton said: “ASICS is extremely proud to work with Rugby Australia and the talented First Nations artists to produce the new 7s jerseys. 

The consistency in the colour of the gold jersey, across 7s and Wallabies teams is a powerful statement, and we hope inspires all the players when they pull on the jersey.”

Australian Men’s vice-captain and Dharawal man Maurice Longbottom said: “To wear a First Nation’s jersey is something we’ve always spoken about, but I’m really glad it is now a reality as we head into the new season. 

“To have a design that is unique to both the men’s and women’s team is unique. It’s something we can call our own, while also then being bound by the golden jersey helps us keep our connection to all the Rugby community.

“Tyler’s artwork speaks about being wrapped in identity, this is something as a team we’ve put a lot of work into over the past few years, and I’m glad we can now express this both on and off the field," Longbottom added.

Australian Women’s Captain Sharni Williams said: “It's fantastic to be the next of our national teams to wear the gold jersey, and I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in making this happen. 

“With only a few weeks till we kick off in Dubai, seeing our new jersey very much signals to us, it’s a fresh start and we’re excited to embrace it.

“Our jersey and our coat of arms are what combines us all as national representative players, and to be further aligned with our friends and teammates in the XV’s game is special and that will help as we continue to connect to the community.

“Additionally, the introduction of a First Nation’s jersey is something which we’re going to embrace as a squad; our design talks about the value of sisterhood and making meaningful connections which is what we’re about as a team and program," Williams said.

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